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It should be. Then go to the main page settings. Note that I set the text color to white and the background color to black to make it easier to see. You can change the update interval. I set the update interval to 30 Minutes. Then your widget will be live. On your desktop, if you tap and hold the widget you can make it bigger which makes it easier to see.

This will bring up the picker at the bottom. This will open the settings to pick a second tradepair, set background and text color, and update interval:. If you have our old Linux CLI wallet, backup up that folder, it has your.

Build instructions are down that page. If the package libboost1.

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Close your new GUI. Then take the the files you backed up, bipcoinwallet. BipCoin is now on the Cryptopia exchange here. So people can now buy and sell BipCoin for other coins, including Bitcoin. I already talked to one new user who ignored this and lost bips. And while a payment ID is not required for most person-to-person BipCoin transfers, you should learn how to use a payment ID.

It w applications for BipCoin. Thus this: Until you get good at it, I recommend working these transactions out in a word processor document and then paste into the CLI wallet when you get them right. It helps also to change the page setup binance двухфакторная the word processor from Portrait to Landscape and reduce the text size a little from default to be able to see the whole thing on one line.

It will take a little longer to show and confirm on most exchanges than wallet to wallet with another person exchanges are processing millions of transactions per hour. Probably less time though. Linux users can also build Linux version from our source.

If you never had a previous version of BipCoin wallet, skip this part. Then delete your old blockchain files from Windows at C: Because your new install will re-download the blockchain.

This will prevent errors associated with. Download and unzip to a folder. Double-click on the purple exe file in the folder. You can also right-click on this now or later and add a shortcut for the desktop, or to pin the shortcut to the task bar or add to the start menu.

You will probably btc graphics some warnings, depending on what anti-virus software you have, and what your firewall settings are this is common with a new program. The purple kitty icon splash window should show no matter what left of this image and your anti-virus will probably perform some kind of check bottom right of nicehash btc image.

For Avast anti-virus, it checked for 15 or 20 seconds, then said it was safe and allowed it to finish opening:. Next, your firewall may require you to check both these boxes to be able to run the wallet:.

If you have already installed the CLI wallet v0. If you have never installed the CLI wallet, your wallet will take about minutes to update, depending on your network speed and computer speed. The longer from the launch of BipCoin, the bigger the blockchain, and the longer it will take to sync the first time. The current blockchain folder is at: The BipCoin will roll right in! And BipCoin is a little bit of a learning curve already.

Look how I do transactions, here: Like instead of sending 50 bip, send Then email us and tell us exactly how much bip you sent, what you are ordering, how many of what, how many you want, and send us your mailing address.

BipCoin wallet. Errors we had in version. You now can do transfers of thousands of bips and they confirm in minutes. But some transactions produce the error in red: This problem is ONLY with.

Nor should it. I was able to transfer thousands of bips from an old wallet to a new wallet, but ran into this problem with the last bips or so. Had to transfer them 10 or 20 at a time, with a minute or so between transfers.

It goes without saying, but: How to mine BipCoin with mining pools: Mining will only work with bit Windows or Linux. Will NOT work with bit. On Windows it works on 7, 8, 10 and server editions. How to check if my computer is bit; For Windows. For Linux. Noobs will need to read this whole post and probably will need to click on some or most of the linked words. More-experienced people can skip clicking on the linked words. You should use a mining pool.

Unless you have so much hashing power that you basically are your own mining pool. In that case, you can still solo mine. A mining pool basically acts as one big miner with all the individual miners connected. And uses all their mining power together to guarantee blocks are found. And divides them up evenly and fairly based on the amount of time each miner is connected, and his hashing power.

And his pool биткоины как устроено flawlessly. I highly recommend it. Pool mining is pretty amazing. And without anyone involved needing to know, or even trust each other. It just worksand does so without you even having to understand it, thanks to cryptography and blockchain databases. By the way, this kind of business model was predicted in Timothy C.

Timothy is brilliant futurist, and not some punk kid. He was a senior scientist at Intel early on and retired in Mining and using cryptos, especially ones like BipCoin that are based on CryptoNote code not only makes your life better and can be profitable, but it is also a direct act of resistance, in a beautiful and non-violent way.

The Powers That Be do not want you to do things that are outside their control. They want you dependent on them. Like possibly as soon as after the upcoming US election. Things may get worse for a while, but on a long enough timeline, even within our lifetimes, I see them getting much better.

Coercive state actors are like dinosaurs thrashing in the tar pits while the go extinct. When I was a kid, a computer cost millions of dollars, required a team to operate, took up a whole floor of a building, and took lots of power. Now we have more processing power and worldwide connectivity for less than the price of one Bitcoin, and it fits in our pocket.

And is also a phone. The Internet was Web 1. Social networking was web 2. Bitcoin was web 3. CryptoNote is some version past that. And you can be up and mining BipCoin within the hour of right now.

If you want to dive deep into that, start here. These advantages include built-in privacy for transactions no one can see which addresses are making which transactionsand easier mining for people with regular computers not as much of a huge advantage as with Bitcoin for people with thousands of dollars of specialized mining gear…though if you have that stuff and it no longer works for Bitcoin, it will work great for BipCoin.

And only about 4 have value and are stable and still developed. BipCoin has an advantage even over these 4 coins: BipCoin is still very easy to mine. The more people that mine a coin, and the longer a coin скрипты для млм в биткоинах in existence, the harder it becomes to mine. This will likely be true for a few months, so start now!

Also, once we get on some exchanges, BipCoin will likely have value. Mining is good for the coin too. The more people mining, the quicker transactions confirm. And with CryptoNote coins, the more mining AND transacting happening, the more privacy transactions have. People have to make transactions of a similar magnitude size within a few minutes of a transaction for both transactions to be totally private. But ALL mining software will often flag false-positive as malware or as a virus on most anti-virus programs.

Most Linux people have had some experience with that. Make a shortcut to wherever you have the program:. People argue all day every day on the Internet about what programs are the best miners and how to best configure them. The answer is this: You can tweak later for that last percent of absolute optimization.

It will actually depend a lot more on the processor of your computer. Once you get that working, if you want to get fancy, get a free account on BitcoinTalk. You can read about that there until the cows come home, and still have more to read. But YAM is easy to use for beginners, and efficient. YAM does use 2.

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For more info and if you have a good GPU rig, read this and follow the link there: We recommend the software discussed at https: CLI commands are what you see high-level computer geniuses and hackers using on your favorite TV shows when you see them typing on an all-black screen with nothing but white and occasionally a few other color text.

Windows 10 directions Windows 7 are same, except getting to the CMD prompt, instructions for that are here. But do hit the Enter key after typing every command. Mining pool websites are almost always very basic. The website is just the front end for the actual mining pool behind the scenes. Think Google or Craigslist, and how simple they are for something so useful. That main page shows the current stats of the pool and the BipCoin network. It should save your address. Let the MEGA page load.

Bitcoin Daily News – 2018-06-01

It will take a moment. Then look at the choices. For older computers just play with all to find the better one for your computer. Then you will be prompted to save the file.

Do so, download it, and unzip it into the folder you previously made called C: Then, move the YAM program in the subfolder to the yam folder with the rest of the files, then delete the subfolder:.

The биткоин казино с костями is this:. OK……Now, back to the c: Delete all the files except the yam program and the readme file:. I try to use less than all my cores I have 4so I can still work. In fact, because of the 4-core limitation with my computer, I actually get a higher hashrate running 3 cores than typing a 6 there. Your hashrate showing in the CMD window will update immediately.

The one showing in the mining pool website will take several minutes to catch up. Usually put something on the keyboard like a t-shirt or a little cloth for cleaning my glasses to remind me that the computer is on but the monitor is off. The pool will automatically pay any you are owed over 5 bips every 10 minutes automatically to your address.

Here is the reason: So we use another coin code that is supported, and the best choice is xmr Monero. Then just click the shortcut whenever you want to start mining! Just right-click it to download it and put in any folder C: Then right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties.

Click on Change Icon:. Computers are an interesting mix of science and voodoo. You can mine on more than one computer, each running its own wallet.

It finds more blocks. Pro mining rigs will mine more, but cost money. But many people already have them from mining Bitcoin, but they can no. Aftermarket additional fan added inside computer to keep it all cool.

These files below are all bit.

But it involves a mandatory software update for the CLI wallets from 0. To keep mining valid coins, you must do this by block Any coins mined on the old software after that block will be on a fork, will be worthless, and will not work with the new software everyone else will be using. GUI wallet is not updated yet. We will update that next week. The blockchain files are located on Windows at C: Especially do not delete it if you also have the GUI wallet, because that folder not only contains the old blockchain for the CLI wallets, it also contains the private keys for the GUI wallet.

The folder that used to have the blockchain should be empty.

LINUX 9 megs: It will have to synchronize to the new block chain should take around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on network speed. From your new folder called BipCoin, start simplewallet. Then either open an old wallet, or generate a new one. When generating a new one, generate it, close it, then re-open it to confirm the password before mining with it.

It should be within a block or two of the blockchain height listed near the upper left of this page:. Block height is also on this page: If the page is blank, wait ten minutes and refresh it. And change the address anywhere you have it posted and update it with anyone you gave it to. If you have errors while transferring from the old наш биткоин адрес, read this please. But transactions are working pretty quick now, esp if you add a small fee.

Info on transacting and everything else is HERE. If you need the help commands for either bipcoind or simplewallet, click in that window type мониторинг киви биткоин and hit enter. To close it all. Transactions are working pretty quick now, esp if you add a small fee.

I edited out no content, but I did remove gaps, music, ads, etc. BipCoin, which is based on CryptoNote code, like Monero….

I just realized that the day we launched, Sunday August 21, Our updated Bitcointalk thread is here. We had no knowledge that announcement was coming, we were just interested in producing a coin based on the same code base and happened to release it the day before.

Status of BipCoin is unsure. No guarantees of if this will ever be worth anything, but if you wanna try mining the easiest-to-mine coin ever, at this point, BipCoin is it. Sent from NunaBizness to NunaBizness2. That fee will likely be reduced as BipCoin gains more value. And you are only at. More will be revealed by the middle of next week or before, after extensive testing.

End the install, then go to this page on the Microsoft site: Dark-by-default fun cryptocurrency covered by the BipCot NoGov license. With cats. Start mining today on regular computers. Dark, fun cryptocurrency covered by the BipCot NoGov license. По крайней мере, так оно и было в моем опыте.

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